Bug fixes 9.8

We have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-35732 CRM is not able to hide the visibility of case fields.
VCC-35711 In 8x8 Agent Console, loading a huge call recording in the monitoring window returns crashes the Chrome browser.
VCC-35346 Cannot retrieve emails with HTML content.
VCC-35174 The outbound phone code does not appear, if you do not enable outbound code for the Agent group in 8x8 Configuration Manager.
VCC-34968 Agent cannot hold the call if the agent is being actively supervised during the call.
VCC-34885 The search against custom field CRM is very slow.
VCC-34880 In 8x8 Agent Console, an apostrophe (') entered into any text field on the customer tab is incorrectly changed to double quote (") when saved.
VCC-34875 In chat design, when resizing the browser window, the Invitation, Form, and Window tabs lose their Save and Cancel buttons.
VCC-34576 In Historical Report, if you set your date format as DD/MM/YYYY, the data does not appear in the Agent's report on Time on Break/Offline with status codes.
VCC-34571 In 8x8 Agent Console, an error appears when the agent is trying to access the call log screen.
VCC-34347 In 8x8 Agent Console, the CRM cases are displayed with question mark characters.
VCC-34333 In monitoring playback, clearing one or more channel filters fails to show the filter results.
VCC-34293 In 8x8 Agent Console, the advanced search with "custom_" returns an error message.
VCC-34201 The recording control API timeout and nullpointerexception is reported in IR.
VCC-34120 Unable to create a new chat form, due to mismatched tenant directory and file permissions.
VCC-33190 In 8x8 Agent Console, the customer report does not return any results if a report text field value contains slash (/).
VCC-33184 When an agent transfers a call from line 1 to line 2 via warm transfer, the party on line 2 does not have audio.
VCC-33144 In Local CRM, when searching a case, the last updated column is not sorted properly.
VCC-33138 Cannot change the agent group of an agent who is also an admin in 8x8 Contact Center for Unified Login and 8x8 Work users.
VCC-32877 In 8x8 Configuration Manager, schedules can be deleted even when they are included in active scripts.
VCC-32850 Running a predefined case report such as Internal, Supervisor, or Management, fails to return data.
VCC-32167 In 8x8 Configuration Manager, pre-defined custom field label is not updated in case follow-ups.
VCC-32046 Callers on a long (> 1 hour) wait time in a queue experience on-hold music and messaging interruptions.
VCC-31936 Agents cannot pause the call recording when they transfer an inbound or outbound call to another agent.
VCC-31925 Emails appear with delay or never appears in the queue.
VCC-31919 In 8x8 Agent Console CRM, embedded images crash when opening a case.
VCC-31869 In 8x8 Agent Console, opening CRM case returns an invalid data.
VCC-31862 In 8x8 Configuration Manager CRM and under the Properties tab, when you clear the option "Display cases and follow-ups using HTML when available", HTML formatting shows broken in 8x8 Agent Console FAQ.
VCC-31313 In 8x8 Agent Console, when a monitoring supervisor goes to line 2 and comes back to line 1, the supervisor is automatically barged into the agent's call.
VCC-30697 In 8x8 Agent Console, the monitoring call by a supervisor drops when the supervisor monitors the agent who receives a transferred call.
VCC-30659 In 8x8 Agent Console, some icons may not be displayed properly.
VCC-30642 In 8x8 Agent Console, the default chat auto log does not set the default picklist values properly.
VCC-30440 In 8x8 Agent Console, the call ends after clicking the end button twice, but both phones remain connected after ending the call.
VCC-30334 In 8x8 Agent Console, the audio is lost on line 1 after switching lines, and if the agent ends line 2 click-to-dial call.
VCC-30017 In 8x8 Configuration Manager, the application window does not allow full scrolling to the right if not fully maximized.
VCC-29713 In 8x8 Agent Console, FAQ hit counts does not register any hits.
VCC-29182 In 8x8 Agent Console, the post-processing counter resets for line 1 when the agent makes another call on line 2.
VCC-29074 In 8x8 Agent Console, the chat cursor jumps to the beginning if an agent has at least two concurrent chats and one of them is in post processing.
VCC-28902 The inbound calls fail intermittently to bridge to the agent.
VCC-28616 In 8x8 Agent Console, when creating a new case report, the combination of primary and secondary sort order throws an error.
VCC-28276 In 8x8 Agent Console, some email cases offered to the Available agent, put the agent in the Busy status and then Break after the time is out.
VCC-27874 In 8x8 Agent Console Monitoring Playback, the chat log shows HTML coding.
VCC-27354 In 8x8 Configuration Manager, following the daylight savings, the correct time stamp does not show for the last time a script has been modified.
VCC-27315 In 8x8 Configuration Manager, when importing a CSV file in CRM, the CSV file does not maintain capitalization in the text field.
VCC-27163 In 8x8 Agent Console, ending a click-to-dial call while it is being offered to a customer, causes the audio on line 1 to be lost after switching lines.
VCC-26894 In 8x8 Agent Console, the copied text from other rich-text editors, does not appear properly in chat text.
VCC-26379 In 8x8 Configuration Manager, CRM predefined case fields are not always retained.
VCC-25704 In 8x8 Agent Console, the directory does not show the correct agent status for all agents.
VCC-24317 In 8x8 Agent Console, when transferring an inbound caller to Agent 2 voicemail, the caller hears music on hold following the warm transfer.
VCC-23684 In 8x8 Agent Console, the agent post-processing time does not count correctly if an agent browses away from the application.
VCC-22679 In 8x8 Agent Console, after Agent 1 transfers the call to Agent 2 via a warm transfer and Agent 2 places the call on hold, no hold music is played for the inbound caller.
VCC-22013 In 8x8 Agent Console Reports, the mandatory TCL is not consistently present in reports. It appears in "Detailed transactions activity" report, but not in "Detailed accepted transactions with wrap up codes" report for agents.
VCC-1806 Frequent Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) crash reported.
VCC-1314 Cannot fetch email from the email server using Fetchmail.
VCC-29432 8x8 Agent Console cannot connect to the network after the network power is down and back up.
VCC-30950 In 8x8 Agent Console, some conference calls are not recorded.
VCC-31972 In 8x8 Agent Console, control panel doesn't show post-processing following an outbound queued call.
VCC-35291 Inbound customer cannot hear Hold music after transfer to the second agent.
VCC-35724 Agent with a call on line 1 cannot end the call and answer a call on line 2 which is offered to the same agent.