Bug fixes 9.7.3

We have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-32614 Cannot perform click-to-dial on a separate window or tab in 8x8 Agent Console.
VCC-30769 The 30 seconds voicemail timeout at the queue level forces the call to end the current call and voicemail.
VCC-30625 In 8x8 Configuration Manager, cannot download phone script in PDF.
VCC-30488 In 8x8 Agent Console, when click Back to Pending Emails, it goes to an empty list, even though there are more pending emails on the list.
VCC-30359 8x8 CRM returns error when running a case report, and sorting the follow-up fields on the report in 8x8 Agent Console.
VCC-29860 8x8 CRM returns error when the CC field under Reply All contains "&" in the email address.
VCC-29670 If agent A ends a call on line 1 during a DAR offer, the line 2 DAR call rejected by timeout, drops 10 seconds after it is forwarded to the queue and accepted by agent B.
VCC-29414 In SMTP custom email server tenant, the auto reply from email script does not go through SMTP email server.
VCC-26720 When pull emails from a queue and sort follow-ups, pagination doesn't take you to the newer follow up.
VCC-25457 8x8 Work status is not properly reflected in 8x8 Contact Center for DND status.
VCC-24437 Transferring a call too quickly gets connected with audio issues.