Bug fixes 9.7.1

We have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-26644 When you correct a word it remains highlighted as an error until you have turned the spell checker off.
VCC-25439 In Case view, the email body does not show the email ID shared.
VCC-25386 For an inbound queued call, agent details such as agent name, accept time, processing time are missing in the historical Detailed Transaction report.
VCC-26793 In the Local CRM, some agents are unable to access their tasks.
VCC-31641 The email engine crashes repeatedly globally.
VCC-30604 When you transfer a call on line 1 to line 2 connected via click-to-dial, the call fails to transfer and connect.
VCC-30703 In a cold transfer scenario, the inbound caller on line 1 does not hear the ringback before being answered by the destination.
VCC-30342 In Salesforce integration, the SSO login authentication fails.
VCC-30291 Unable to view facebook/Twitter in 8x8 Contact Center social channels.
VCC-30328 Agents experience 8x8 Contact Center to hang while accessing the case history of a few cases.
VCC-30318 Upon reaching the voicemail of an internal outbound call on line 2, if an agent ends the call, the agent gets disconnected from the call while the caller on Line 1 continues to stay on hold.
VCC-29803 Unable to pull another email while you are in "Email in process" status.
VCC-28987 The thank you message played to the caller after confirming the callback number fails to play if a caller is forwarded from one 8x8 Contact Center channel to another.

When a caller enters invalid data for a 'Get Value' prompt, the invalid message fails to play and drops the call.

VCC-30109 Chat: Race condition when chat is popped out prevents customer information to be sent to the server
VCC-29716 During a chat interaction, the reply box disappears intermittently on the customer's end preventing the customer to respond.
VCC-27068 In 8x8 Contact Center Unified Login with 8x8 Work tenants, if an agent is in post-processing status on line 1, and a direct agent routed call is accepted on line 2, the call on line 2 has failed audio.
VCC-24896 The historical 'Time on Status' report shows the agent is on break for 13 hours even when the agent is logged out.

In a warm transfer scenario where agent 1 accepts a call, places a warm transfer call to agent 2, then drops off. When agent 2 places the caller on hold, the hold music fails to play.

VCC-24803 Campaign manager -- some customers' campaigns are running on both platform after a platform switch. On going campaigns do not feed calls to the queue and new campaigns fail to run.
VCC-24548 When an agent transfers an inbound call to another agent, there is no audio after transfer.
VCC-23907 In Local CRM,the "From" and "To" addresses disappear and the signatures go blank until the page is refreshed.
VCC-22456 In Local CRM, some tenants encounter an error when they try to delete more than seven customers at a time.
VCC-24299 In Local CRM, edits done to the case fields in draft state are lost when follow-ups are sent.
VCC-24075 Historical report: stuck aggregations causing zero abandoned calls, lost report data if the platform restarts before fixing the out of sequence events.
VCC-25881 In Campaign manager, the custom field gets updated for other transaction codes even though only Do not call transaction code is enabled to update a custom field.
VCC-26034 Local CRM: Sorting cases by ''last updated'' field fails to sort.
VCC-31657 Local CRM: The files (.CSV) received as attachments download in an incorrect format and fail to open.
VCC-31426 The Detail Transaction report shows incomplete data. Some fields such as Queue name and transaction ID are missing.
VCC-31223 Historical report queries are taking longer than expected to run.

NA12 Only: When Threshold condition is met, Wallboard audio notification fails to play on Chrome.


While processing a queued call with mandatory transaction codes, changing status from post processing to Work Offline renders the status code list truncated.

VCC-29655 SAPI - Invalid value is presented for the Queue ID field.
IN-2296 SalesForce Integration: Agents are experiencing periodic issues where 8x8 Contact Center loads a blank 8x8 Contact Center agent window when trying to access it via Salesforce.
VCC-27112 JCM logs are flooded with "Pending message list has length" message.
VCC-23026 Chat URL auto-redirect is not working when a cluster is in hybrid mode.

When a supervisor begins to monitor a conference call handled by an agent, the supervisor is automatically integrated into the conference call even though they just initiated monitoring without joining the call.

VCC-1893 Intermittent slow response time of tomcat for all web applications deployed.