Bug fixes 9.5.2

We have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-24720 In 8x8 Agent Console, Post Call Survey is not offered to agents intermittently.
VCC-24641 Supervisor's audio is captured in call recording during a conference call and while monitoring.
VCC-24346 In 8x8 Agent Console, calls are not queued up in campaign manager after a certain point.
VCC-23886 In 8x8 Agent Console's Monitoring > Playbacks, the audio duration for recorded conversation does not match the actual recorded time.
VCC-23864 In 8x8 Agent Console, the Case Reports output returns different results when you include attachment fields: File Name, File Size, and Description.
VCC-23781 In inbound telephony, the audio is intermittent after transferring a line from Agent 1 to Agent 2, and before Agent 2 answers the call.
VCC-23631 Incoming calls go to the closed schedule even during an open schedule.
VCC-23084 In 8x8 Agent Console, when an agent who is on a live chat accepts a second chat, what he types in the first chat window, appears in the second chat window.
VCC-22458 In 8x8 Agent Console's historical reports, transactions analysis shows long outbound calls.
VCC-1837 JCM process exits unexpectedly.