What's new in the 8x8 Contact Center 9.15 release?

This release addresses bugs, stability improvements, and added features to provide an improved customer experience for 8x8 Contact Center.

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-49111 Channel Name is changed in the VM queue email notification if it contains a dollar sign.
VCC-53202 Call recording continues when a call is transferred from an Agent set to record to one whose not.
VCC-53639 Persistent connection doesn't allow formatting with special characters in the Workplace Phone setting.
VCC-53806 Some cases are not being retrieved by CRM API.
VCC-54097 Email issues when they have .dat attachments.
VCC-54170 WAPI failing to add new customer data.
VCC-56835 Unable to control campaigns (Pause, Play, Purge, etc.)
VCC-57264 Email issues when they have .pdf attachments.
VCC-57411 Supervsior experiences no audio when trying to monitoring a call whilst on a persistent connection.
VCC-57820 Duplicate records found in the "Campaigns Report Detail" & Duplicate Transaction ID's in "Campaign Transaction Detail".
VCC-57959 Agent unable to transfer incoming call (Intermittent problem).
VCC-58062 Campaign record details historical report agent field is showing the supervisor that monitored the call rather than the agent that accepted the transaction.
VCC-58073 Records remain queued in IR and offered to available agents outside of the daily start schedule.
VCC-58133 Agent to agent calls displaying "thisis" CLI.
VCC-58300 Pause button is grayed out.
VCC-58395 Any pre-recorded audio played during a call is not included in call recording.
VCC-58948 Unable to open links from email in AGUI.
VCC-59068 (Agent Workspace) Unable to click on Available status.
VCC-59069 Change a script name in Configration Manager and it need a refresh to appear in Channel List.
VCC-59086 Agent Status Changes To Available instead of Offline.
VCC-59132 Campaign records are stuck in scheduled status and never dialed, if retry time is outside schedules open time.
VCC-59177 Unable to assign VCC admin rights to one user in VO Admin Console.
VCC-59210 Advanced Search on a Customer list within the tasks tab is not returning the correct results.
VCC-59234 Unable to assign VCC license due to OpCons error.
VCC-59334 Queue call back second attempt was not recorded, but the first attempt was.
VCC-59450 Unable to edit a VCC user's profile.
VCC-59558 Skipping a campaign call completes the record.
VCC-59569 Unable to assign VCC license to a user.
VCC-59648 Hold beep is being played to agent after resuming from hold.
VCC-59693 Attempt to make a user CC Adnin creates ASSIGNMENT_FULL_CREATE_ERROR.
VCC-59718 User profile change ends in Configuration: failed.vccSaveContact error.
VCC-59801 Logging in from Salesforce is returning "Your account is not setup for this URL".
VCC-59853 New opcons release doesn't allow user to deleted custom fields.
VCC-59979 (Agent Workspace) Using much higher CPU resources compared to AGUI.
VCC-60006 [Agent Workspace] VCC directory - Favorites no longer available.
VCC-60008 [Agent Workspace] Queue stats are not updating.
VCC-60235 E-mails not pulling through to a queue.
VCC-60263 Picklist not filtering customer data.
VCC-60267 If an email is sent to two different email channels, only one is fetching the email.
VCC-60412 Records are not getting retried if retry time is during the campaign schedule close time.
VCC-60470 Some WebAPI queries are failing due to an SQL error.
VCC-60522 French accent characters are missing from the EDSA response.
VCC-60653 Campaign Record Details report returns empty file with text "error generating report."
VCC-60873 Check Sender is not matching the from address.
VCC-60948 CM supervisor set to "French" or "French Canadian" are not being played the correct language.
VCC-60957 VCC API Queues Interactions Returning 500 Internal Server Error When Filtering For 'process-time' 0.
VCC-61448 500 Internal Server Error when adding Microsoft Exchange email channel.

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