Ability to remember the last selected outbound phone code

As an agent using 8x8 Agent Workspace, while dialing out, your contact center may require you to indicate the purpose of the call by selecting an appropriate outbound phone code. Whether you are calling a prospect, a customer, or simply consulting a colleague, you can indicate the purpose of the call using outbound phone codes. In this release, we have enhanced the experience of selecting the codes by remembering the last selected code and assigning it to the next call. Let's say John is processing a bunch of post-sales calls to customers, he can simply select an appropriate code for the first call and have the system assign this code to the subsequent calls automatically, thus eliminating the need to manually select the code for each call and improving the efficiency. If you wish to change the code for an outbound call, in the 8x8 Agent Workspace Control Panel, once you begin entering the number, simply click Change to select from the list of codes available.

Note: The outbound phone code selection is retained through multiple login sessions.