Bug fixes 9.14

We have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-43641 Queue post-processing time is not showing up or shows up intermittently.
VCC-48487 Data does not match in the following reports: “Agents Transactions per media” and “Agents Transactions”.
VCC-48789 Random characters are added to the email body sent from Agent Console.
VCC-49095 Outbound emails sent for Cases have huge lags.
VCC-49130 When transferring Post Call surveys, “Say” messages change to a male voice instead of female.
VCC-50342 Callback Post Call Survey drops the call for anonymous inbound callers.
VCC-51134 Email interactions do not show on the Wallboard, but are included in the Transaction per media report.
VCC-51555 User names that contain special characters appear incorrectly.
VCC-51684 Intermittent wrap-up codes are missing from historical reports.
VCC-51973 Monitoring access that is removed from a supervisor during a call is still in effect.
VCC-52430 When broadcasting messages, posted notices are not sent.
VCC-53102 Agent’s “Time on Status” report shows the wrong Post Processing time.
VCC-53161 Wrap up code is missing from the Interaction Details report.
VCC-53671 Zendesk VCC logout spins.
VCC-54043 The Work Offline status option disappears when in post processing.
VCC-54092 Chat interactions are hanging, resulting in wrong reports.
VCC-54169 Campaign monitoring shows incorrect records as completed.
VCC-54359 WAPI retrieved cases shows the created day in GMT time.
VCC-54506 Agent receives “Service connection error” after logging in to the 8x8 Agent Console.
VCC-54816 Call ports do not release causing maximum call port issues.
VCC-54821 Calls are not connected to 8x8 Work extensions.
VCC-52977 Status in 8x8 Contact Center directory and 8x8 Work for Desktop contacts does not match for some users.
VCC-53572 Inbound calls drops when whisper is active and persistent connection enabled.
VCC-55287 DTMF Blacklist check fails in some scenarios.
VCC-55143 Progressive dialer does not dial numbers starting with zero.