Latest bug fixes

We have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-49111 Channel Name is changed in the VM queue email notification if it contains a dollar sign.
VCC-53202 Call recording continues when a call is transferred from an Agent set to record to one whose not.
VCC-53639 Persistent connection doesn't allow formatting with special characters in the Workplace Phone setting.
VCC-53806 Some cases are not being retrieved by CRM API.
VCC-54097 Email issues when they have .dat attachments.
VCC-54170 WAPI failing to add new customer data.
VCC-56835 Unable to control campaigns (Pause, Play, Purge, etc.)
VCC-57264 Email issues when they have .pdf attachments.
VCC-57411 Supervsior experiences no audio when trying to monitoring a call whilst on a persistent connection.
VCC-57820 Duplicate records found in the "Campaigns Report Detail" & Duplicate Transaction ID's in "Campaign Transaction Detail".
VCC-57959 Agent unable to transfer incoming call (Intermittent problem).
VCC-58062 Campaign record details historical report agent field is showing the supervisor that monitored the call rather than the agent that accepted the transaction.
VCC-58073 Records remain queued in IR and offered to available agents outside of the daily start schedule.
VCC-58133 Agent to agent calls displaying "thisis" CLI.
VCC-58300 Pause button is grayed out.
VCC-58395 Any pre-recorded audio played during a call is not included in call recording.
VCC-58948 Unable to open links from email in AGUI.
VCC-59068 (Agent Workspace) Unable to click on Available status.
VCC-59069 Change a script name in Configration Manager and it need a refresh to appear in Channel List.
VCC-59086 Agent Status Changes To Available instead of Offline.
VCC-59132 Campaign records are stuck in scheduled status and never dialed, if retry time is outside schedules open time.
VCC-59177 Unable to assign VCC admin rights to one user in VO Admin Console.
VCC-59210 Advanced Search on a Customer list within the tasks tab is not returning the correct results.
VCC-59234 Unable to assign VCC license due to OpCons error.
VCC-59334 Queue call back second attempt was not recorded, but the first attempt was.
VCC-59450 Unable to edit a VCC user's profile.
VCC-59558 Skipping a campaign call completes the record.
VCC-59569 Unable to assign VCC license to a user.
VCC-59648 Hold beep is being played to agent after resuming from hold.
VCC-59693 Attempt to make a user CC Adnin creates ASSIGNMENT_FULL_CREATE_ERROR.
VCC-59718 User profile change ends in Configuration: failed.vccSaveContact error.
VCC-59801 Logging in from Salesforce is returning "Your account is not setup for this URL".
VCC-59853 New opcons release doesn't allow user to deleted custom fields.
VCC-59979 (Agent Workspace) Using much higher CPU resources compared to AGUI.
VCC-60006 [Agent Workspace] VCC directory - Favorites no longer available.
VCC-60008 [Agent Workspace] Queue stats are not updating.
VCC-60235 E-mails not pulling through to a queue.
VCC-60263 Picklist not filtering customer data.
VCC-60267 If an email is sent to two different email channels, only one is fetching the email.
VCC-60412 Records are not getting retried if retry time is during the campaign schedule close time.
VCC-60470 Some WebAPI queries are failing due to an SQL error.
VCC-60522 French accent characters are missing from the EDSA response.
VCC-60653 Campaign Record Details report returns empty file with text "error generating report."
VCC-60873 Check Sender is not matching the from address.
VCC-60948 CM supervisor set to "French" or "French Canadian" are not being played the correct language.
VCC-60957 VCC API Queues Interactions Returning 500 Internal Server Error When Filtering For 'process-time' 0.
VCC-61448 500 Internal Server Error when adding Microsoft Exchange email channel.
VCC-57505 Customer search does not filter by the initial letter after the initial search result is returned.
VCC-58184 Agent to agent chat is still available even though chat has been disabled.
VCC-54722 Agent Timer resets but the agent status remains the same.
VCC-55315 Agent cannot see all marked Favorites in the customer's Address book under Favorites tab.
VCC-56618 Agents are stuck in the post-processing mode.
VCC-56832 Rejecting an email with status code fails intermittently.
VCC-57376 Report titles with special characters like % do not appear in the reports listing.
VCC-57438 Agent interface glitches and grays out after accessing a case.
VCC-57586 In 8x8 Configuration Manager, the Linked to agent column under Channel list is empty even though the channel is linked to an agent.
VCC-56659 Address book does not save customer favorites.
VCC-56834 In scripts the "Go to" function does not see a newly created label.
VCC-56206 The CRM case field "Media Type" cannot be edited.
VCC-56281 Error received when trying to download a script in 8x8 Configuration Manager.
VCC-56522 Selected admins cannot enable the Status Code list.
VCC-54379 8x8 Contact Center admin cannot filter channel names.
VCC-54443 Historical report shows "None" instead of "Do Not Call" for disposition action code in the campaign report.
VCC-55886 8x8 Contact Center admin receives "Password expired" message when logging into 8x8 Configuration Manager.
VCC-56265 No outbound call is made when 8x8 Contact Center agent uses the contacts from the 8x8 Agent Console directory.
VCC-50751 The CRM advanced search is broken for "city", "state", and "country" in 8x8 Agent Console.
VCC-51366 The warning statement in chat for the invalid email address format needs to be revised.
VCC-52927 The Incoming Mail Server field's value is limited to 40 characters in email channels.
VCC-53585 Chat and Email channels appear as enabled in the channel list even when they are disabled.
VCC-53857 The screen pop configured for single window opens multiple windows.
VCC-54221 The defined "Media Type" in case properties is not being saved and shows "None".
VCC-54382 The "Case Closure Code" in CRM does not match the order in 8x8 Configuration Manager.
VCC-54508 The calling line ID is not showing up correctly in the Agent Profile.
VCC-54879 The email body in cases shows additional lines in 8x8 Agent Console.
VCC-54973 The email attachments in 8x8 Agent Console shows [object object].
VCC-55257 Filtering between dates in CRM returns results outside of the date range.
VCC-55269 The agent on Line 1 call is not presented a DAR call on Line 2.
VCC-55330 No transaction code shows up in the Outbound Setup Disposition Action if there is & in the description of transaction code list.
VCC-55788 Cannot view the campaign filters.
VCC-52977 Status in 8x8 Contact Center directory and 8x8 Work for Desktop contacts does not match for some users.
VCC-52997 8x8 Contact Center agent receives "not authorized" error message when editing a channel with the correct permissions.
VCC-54737 Campaign recording files are not available to be played to the caller.
VCC-54802 Customer queued emails do not show the red dot indicator for additional emails in the queue from the same customer.  
VCC-58840 Campaigns are not working after the upgrade to 9.14.8.
VCC-58565 Check picklists are not working after the upgrade to 9.14.8.
VCC-55720 Warm transfer intermittently fails to connect from Agent 1 to Agent 2.
VCC-56409 Queue time-out does not work for the calls coming through a transfer to a queue.
VCC-57209 IVR script fails when it involves forwarding to new queue using a timeout multiple times.
VCC-57325 Unable to call or blind transfer internally when selecting from the agent list on line 1.
VCC-57668 Number spoofing is resulted when forwarding to an external number through queue timeout in the IVR script.
VCC-56920 8x8 Contact Center supervisor trying to monitor an agent call cannot connect.
VCC-57075 Agent receives regular inbound calls while on working offline status.
VCC-57156 Outbound queued calls are offered to the Available agents.
VCC-57455 When ending monitoring in QM, supervisors status changes to Available.
VCC-57964 Agent is offered an inbound queued call when they were logged out.
VCC-58820 Progressive mode is creating outbound abandoned calls in a campaign.
VCC-56291 The channel name is missing on the incoming calls Transaction tab if the call comes from External CRM.
VCC-56578 The calls in the queue are not offered to the Available agents.  
VCC-56487 Available agents are not offered calls.
VCC-55656 Incoming DAR/DAA calls cause agent to be stuck in busy status intermittently.
VCC-55509 Inbound calls are not connecting to agents.
VCC-55143 Progressive dialer does not dial numbers starting with zero.
VCC-55287 DTMF Blacklist check fails in some scenarios.
VCC-43641 Queue post-processing time is not showing up or shows up intermittently.
VCC-48487 Data does not match in the following reports: “Agents Transactions per media” and “Agents Transactions”.
VCC-48789 Random characters are added to the email body sent from Agent Console.
VCC-49095 Outbound emails sent for Cases have huge lags.
VCC-49130 When transferring Post Call surveys, “Say” messages change to a male voice instead of female.
VCC-50342 Callback Post Call Survey drops the call for anonymous inbound callers.
VCC-51134 Email interactions do not show on the Wallboard, but are included in the Transaction per media report.
VCC-51555 User names that contain special characters appear incorrectly.
VCC-51684 Intermittent wrap-up codes are missing from historical reports.
VCC-51973 Monitoring access that is removed from a supervisor during a call is still in effect.
VCC-52430 When broadcasting messages, posted notices are not sent.
VCC-53102 Agent’s “Time on Status” report shows the wrong Post Processing time.
VCC-53161 Wrap up code is missing from the Interaction Details report.
VCC-53671 Zendesk VCC logout spins.
VCC-54043 The Work Offline status option disappears when in post processing.
VCC-54092 Chat interactions are hanging, resulting in wrong reports.
VCC-54169 Campaign monitoring shows incorrect records as completed.
VCC-54359 WAPI retrieved cases shows the created day in GMT time.
VCC-54506 Agent receives “Service connection error” after logging in to the 8x8 Agent Console.
VCC-54816 Call ports do not release causing maximum call port issues.
VCC-54821 Calls are not connected to 8x8 Work extensions.