Introduced 8x8 Auto Dialer campaign metrics

We are introducing new metrics in 8x8 Campaign Monitoring to understand the campaign status in real-time. For 8x8 Contact Center supervisors, campaign metrics are key to understanding the success rate of a campaign. It allows them to see which campaigns have been most effective. The new campaign metrics are as follows:

Report column Description
Dialing Mode Indicates if a campaign is dialing in Preview, Predictive, or Progressive dialing mode.
Max Attempts reached # Indicates the number of records in a campaign that have reached their maximum attempts.
Max Attempts reached % Indicates the percentage of the records in a campaign that have reached their max attempts.
Record Completed % Indicates the percentage of records that have been completed dialing in a campaign.

To access the campaign details:

  1. Log in to the 8x8 Agent Console as a supervisor.
  2. Open Menu > Monitoring.
  3. Click the Campaign Management tab. See the new columns added to the table: Max Attempts reached #, Max Attempts reached %, and Record Completed %.
  4. Select any campaign from the list to view the Campaign Details.

    The Queue and Queue Dial Mode details, such as preview, progressive, and predictive dialing modes are shown in the table.