Introduced 8x8 Contact Center new APIs

8x8 Contact Center introduces the Call API allowing 8x8 Contact Center customers to place outbound calls for agents from an external (desktop-based) system. Agents can simply log into the 8x8 Agent Console, place it on a persistent connection, and handle calls from their external system. Prior to this release, click-to-dial was used to place outbound calls for the agent. Click-to-dial calls were initiated by agents from within the 8x8 Agent Console application.

The call API allows placing calls, dropping calls, dropping agents from a conference call, and more. It works in conjunction with the Agent Status API to change the status of the agent, and the SAPI API to publish events on the 8x8 platform. We have also added the following attributes to the SAPI API in this release:

  • Additional granularity of the call status
  • Additional granularity of the customer hung up reason
  • Additional granularity about reasons for call abandonment

For details, refer to Call API, Agent Status API, and SAPI API documentation.


The Call API provides the following capabilities:

  • Places an outbound call to an agent, queue, and phone number.
  • Drops a call for an agent.
  • Drops a call for an agent on either line 1 or 2.
  • Drops an agent from a conference call.
  • Drops a call based on the call GUID (Globally Unique Identifier).
  • Drops a call and bypasses the post-processing.
  • Places a call with transaction codes from multiple lists.
  • Provides Click-to-Dial API parameters such as ctl_userdata, extTransactionData.


The Call API does not allow supervisors to monitor a call. As for agents, the Call API does not allow them to:

  • Mute a call
  • Transfer a call
  • Control call recording such as pause and resume
  • Create a conference call
  • Add or remove external participants from a conference call