Bug fixes

We have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-22380 8x8 Work user extension call to a 8x8 Contact Center agent triggers a screen pop.
VCC-39766 Selected emails with a common attachment type can no longer be accessed.
VCC-44070 Copying the supervisor account does not work as expected.
VCC-45793 The chat Start button is not visible in the chat window if the screen scaling is set above 100%.
VCC-45858 Campaign dialer does not follow start and stop schedule.
VCC-46056 The Notes section in Transactions Codes does not scale properly.
VCC-46340 Chat radial options do not line up properly using mobiles.
VCC-46616 In the 8x8 Configuration Manager Inbound Queue voicemail tab, the Play Audio button fails to work.
VCC-46758 8x8 Contact Center administrators cannot change queue properties.
VCC-46799 Local CRM is missing a URL in the agent Control panel.
VCC-46908 Supervisor monitoring starts to lag when Supervisor is assigned to monitor all queues and agent groups.
VCC-47022 Cannot save favorites in the Agent Console Directory.
VCC-47049 Scripts only show the last picklist value in a tree.
VCC-47219 Inbound and Outbound interactions are left hanging causing erroneous values for queue metrics.
VCC-47438 Campaign fetch data gives error and does not start.
VCC-47666 Agents are offered a blank chat screen.
VCC-47682 Agents are offered a blank chat screen for the 4th chat when the chat limit is set to three.
VCC-47858 In Monitoring, advanced search filters put calls after 20.00 pm into the next working day.
VCC-48014 Agent Group cannot be changed and throws error: "your request cannot be processed. Please try again in a few minutes.”
VCC-48134 8x8 Contact Center Agent Console channel name is not fully visible unless you hover.
VCC-48136 Idle Timer does not allocate the next call to the longest waiting agent.
VCC-48182 Outbound phone codes switch name and number when saved.
VCC-48295 Unable to reset admin password for 8x8 Contact Center tenant (mode 1) with an invalid CSRF token.
VCC-48424 Using the WAPI query does not show data for ASSIGNEDTO, CREATED BY, and CLOSEBY.
VCC-48485 Chat transcripts take over 30 seconds to load in the Monitoring window.
VCC-48593 Campaign callback does not work due to a special character breaking the agent XML.
VCC-48643 8x8 Contact center user guide throws page not found error message.
VCC-49099 Configuration Manager shows the “Authentication Failed For User” error when testing an email channel.
VCC-49229 There is missing or incorrect data in Historical Reports.
VCC-49312 IVR treatment time is listed incorrectly in the DTA historical report.
VCC-49375 Agents do not see pre-chat in the beginning of their chat transcript.
VCC-49965 Call back is not being canceled.
VCC-50123 Area code-based schedule fails depending on the phone number format.
VCC-50507 Queue interaction priority is not working.
VCC-50757 Email interactions hang after a queue is deleted.
VCC-50818 Agent to agent chat receives a message: “Your chat session has ended.”
VCC-51058 Email interactions hang after system upgrade.
VCC-51303 8x8 Contact Center agents appear as stuck on call and are not allowed to change status.
VCC-51365 Transaction Code is not presented to the agent.
VCC-52143 Agents are only offered one outbound phone option.
VCC-52161 OPCL behaves differently after upgrade.
VCC-52166 Incorrect elapsed time is shown in 8x8 Agent Console.
VCC-52168 Inconsistent time is shown on the agent status in 8x8 Agent Console.

A backslash in the audio file name fails to display the queues and scripts in 8x8 Configuration Manager.