Improved license provisioning for multi-region customers

8x8 Contact Center now supports multi-region SMP customers (X Series) and any other customer with a single tenant on SMP. In the new improvement, 8x8 Contact Center provisioning recognizes if a single tenant is available in multiple regions then proceeds to add up licenses and add-ons counts from all countries.

Prior to this release, 8x8 Contact Center only accounted for licenses and number of seats within a single country such as the US or Canada. It could cause customer downgrade or loss of service access in the customer’s original country once they expanded to a new country. For details about licensing, see our documents to review 8x8 Work and 8x8 Contact Center licenses.


8x8 Contact Center does not yet support multi-tenant deployments for our X Series customers. However, it offers multi-region capabilities and adds up all purchased X Series licenses from all regions.