Provided better customer-to-agent chat management during service disruptions

In 8x8 Contact Center 8x8 Agent Console, customer-to-agent chat interactions are now better handled during service disruptions.

In case a customer abandons their chat with the agent, the interaction remains in the customer list waiting for the agent's review. When the agent is reconnected to 8x8 Contact Center, both the active interactions and the ones which were abandoned by the customer are updated with the correct status. The interactions remain in the customer list until the agent acknowledges them and is ready to move on.

In the previous behavior the abandoned interactions ended before the agent had a chance to review. The new improvement keeps the agent in sync with 8x8 Contact Center and prevents ghost interactions that remain with the agent. When the agent clicks on the interaction in the list, a message notifies them that the session has ended. The message is also saved in the transcript for the supervisor’s review later.

In the following use cases, the agent has multiple concurrent chat interactions. Whether there has been a connection issue or the customer has simply abandoned the chat interaction, the agent can see the last few customer interactions in the list. To avoid ghost interactions, click on each customer to see the status of their interaction. A message shows the chat session has ended. Safely end the chat and go through the post-processing.

Use Case 1

  • Agent has two ongoing interactions with customers A and B.
  • While the agent is focused on the chat with customer B, customer A abandons the chat.
  • The post-processing time for customer A ends, but the interaction with customer A does not disappear from the customer list as long as agent is focused on Customer B. Customer A will remain in the list for the agent to attend.
  • If the agent clicks on customer A in the chat list, they see a message saying that the interaction has ended, but can still review the conversation. Once the agent clicks away from customer A, it will disappear from the chat list.

Use Case 2

  • Agent has two ongoing interactions with Customers A and B.
  • There is a service disruption and the agent loses connectivity for a few minutes.
  • The service is back up and all interactions remain in the list as long as the agent is focused on other chats, even if the post-processing is ended and the Customer A has left.
  • If the agent clicks on Customer A in the chat list, they see a message saying that the interaction has ended.
  • Agent can still review Customer A conversation. Once the agent moves away from Customer A chat window and clicks on other customers in the list, Customer A disappears from the list.