Bug fixes

We have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-46274 IVR script does not play messages between intervals if an agent times out or rejects an interaction while the IVR is trying to play a message.
VCC-46190 Agent status causes incorrect wallboard stats for available agents.
VCC-45016 In Agent Console, Wait Time from the transaction tab for emails resets to 0 after accepting the email.
VCC-44595 Agent cannot log in to Agent Console and sees a blank page when trying to log in.
VCC-43743 Persistent Auto Answer inbound channel does not bridge after the first call. Due to missing answer events, the Contact Center report shows abandoned calls with no call duration.
VCC-43429 Contact Center customers occasionally receive bounced email notifications.
VCC-42367 In Configuration Manager, request to list campaigns takes a very long time.
VCC-42174 Agents receive an invalid Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) token warning when trying to save their profiles.
VCC-40702 DAA calls or outbound calls to an extension rings on a wrong device.
VCC-40425 Agents get stuck in the post processing.
VCC-42434 A wrong error message is received when an agent attempts to click to dial while the agent is on break.
VCC-25619 Agents cannot make outbound calls after the supervisor is deleted while monitoring.
VCC-22079 Agents show their previous statuses in the corporate directory.