Bug fixes 9.12

We have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-22079 Agents show their previous statuses in the corporate directory.
VCC-25619 Agents cannot make outbound calls after the supervisor is deleted while monitoring.
VCC-39039 Duplicate voicemail transactions are generated.
VCC-40425 Agents get stuck in the post processing.
VCC-40702 DAA calls or outbound calls to an extension rings on a wrong device.
VCC-42174 Agents receive an invalid Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) token warning when trying to save their profiles.
VCC-42367 In 8x8 Configuration Manager, requesting campaign list via API takes a very long time.
VCC-42434 A wrong error message is received when an agent attempts click-to-dial while the agent status is On break.
VCC-42455 WAPI GET FAQs only return questions but not answers.
VCC-43168 Cannot run reports with an output greater than 65,000 lines.
VCC-43429 8x8 Contact Center agents occasionally receive bounced email notifications.
VCC-43743 Persistent Auto Answer inbound channel does not bridge after the first call. Due to the missing answer events, the 8x8 Contact Center report shows abandoned calls with no call duration.
VCC-44118 Callback fails to cancel after the set time period expires.
VCC-44595 Login fails. Agent sees a blank page when trying to log in to 8x8 Agent Console.
VCC-45016 In 8x8 Agent Console, Wait Time for emails from the transaction tab resets to 0 after accepting the email.
VCC-46190 Agent status causes incorrect wallboard stats for available agents.
VCC-46274 IVR script does not play messages between intervals if an agent times out or rejects an interaction while the IVR is trying to play a message.
VCC-46768 The pre-chat form in advanced chat is distorted.
VCC-46927 in Local CRM, the Case Reply text editor strips from email addresses forwarded from Outlook to 8x8 Contact Center channels.
VCC-47256 Cannot disable "Allowed IP Ranges list" in Configuration Manager > Security tab.
VCC-47374 Voicemail queue header in 8x8 Agent Console has an incorrect translation.
VCC-47402 In 8x8 Agent Console Case, the previous case's description appears for the new case's follow up intermittently.
VCC-47567 Agent status data collected shows a time difference of seven hours.
VCC-47722 Web Callback with Custom CRM Integration does not trigger or post the ctl_callback functionality.
VCC-47844 When new task is created under a customer, the date is set to 01-01-1970.
VCC-47883 Agent gets a connection error when trying to play back my recordings in 8x8 Agent Console.
VCC-48123 In 8x8 Agent Console "From" field drop-down is empty. Agents cannot get an email channel.
VCC-48192 Campaign controls are disabled in 8x8 Agent Console.
VCC-48481 The Historical Report Windows page does not show any data on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
VCC-48483 When tenant language is set to FRCA (French Canadian), navigating to CM > Home > Profile creates an auto logout.
VCC-48526 When a new Task is created under a Customer, the agent status changes to Work Offline and the due is set to 01-01-1970.
VCC-48542 Banner to say that a case is already edited by another agent doesn't appear anymore
VCC-48590 In Post Call Survey the option to stay on call is not offered to the caller when their call has been forwarded to an overload queue.
VCC-48616 Agent gets stuck in wrap status for an extended period.
VCC-48744 A leading + sign is added for private numbers that start with 205 in 8x8 Contact Center directory.
VCC-48814 Agents are offered calls whether on a call, on break or offline.
VCC-48843 Call Log screen pop shows up for campaign calls when "No Screen pop" is selected.
VCC-48865 Agents get stuck on Busy and "Time on Status" monitoring tab shows incorrect value.
VCC-48866 Some data such as Detailed transaction activity report is not populated in Historical reports.
VCC-48883 IVR script cannot support script XML created in previous 8x8 Contact Center version.
VCC-48884 The pre-recorded message "Holiday Closure" is missing after recent 9.10 upgrade.
VCC-48894 8x8 Agent Console does not pause screen recording or resume recording on the credit card details page.
VCC-49098 Transferring a call from Line 1 to line 2 leads to dead air.
VCC-49116 Emails do not show the full description.
VCC-49124 Unable to add custom field: "value entered for a field exceeds byte limit".
VCC-49151 Pulling an email causes the agent status to remain unchanged when the Persistent Connection Mode is not activated.
VCC-49338 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center dashboard does not show correct data.
VCC-49509 8x8 Agent Console cannot create emails with large images in the email body.
VCC-49832 Call recording audio cannot be paused.
VCC-49984 Duplicate transactions appear in the Stats API.
VCC-50082 Agent Transactions report is showing errors with rejected calls.
VCC-50224 API shows N/A (not available) for the customer-name object in all interactions API.
VCC-50372 Refreshing the page during outbound post-processing causes agents to get into a stuck state.
VCC-50431 8x8 Agent Console loads a blank directory intermittently.
VCC-50435 Queue Transactions report appears blank.
VCC-50442 Unable to transfer calls to extensions 6666 or 6667 that are linked to a Post Call Survey script.
VCC-50503 Outbound campaign calls are abandoned.
VCC-50518 Monitoring page is blank with an error message: "failed to fetch data".
VCC-50663 Agent extension script does not forward calls to agent's voicemail.
VCC-50669 Monitoring refreshes repeatedly makes it hard to change the campaign status.
VCC-50677 8x8 Contact Center integration with Salesforce launches with a blank screen.
VCC-50746 Custom SMTP server configuration fails on test.
VCC-50754 8x8 Agent Console shows the error: "Value entered for field exceeds byte limit" intermittently.
VCC-50866 IVR Chat Question object does not add yes/no or open-ended questions to the script.
VCC-50932 Data is missing in the API response: /api/stats/queues/{{queueId}}/interactions
VCC-50957 Blocked/not blocked check box changes to dots based on web browser zoom.
VCC-51089 Fix pre-conditions for making agents available.
VCC-51152 Realtime stats API returns incorrect enabled-agent-count.
VCC-51156 Transferred queue calls do not auto answer for the second agent.
VCC-51301 Stats Engine does not respond on selected platforms.
VCC-51363 8x8 Contact Center Interactions are intermittently missing on API Reporting.
VCC-51840 Unable to add record to Dynamic Campaigns via API.