About 8x8 Auto Dialer

8x8 Contact Center now introduces progressive and predictive dialing modes to better manage outbound telephone-based campaigns to meet your business needs. Automate your outbound dialing and maximize the productivity of your contact center agents. Empower your agents to connect with prospects and customers more effectively, and boost conversion rates as well as customer satisfaction. The progressive and predictive dialing modes call numbers automatically from campaign calling lists, screen for busy signals, voicemail, no-answers, and disconnected numbers, connecting agents to only live-answered calls.

Limited Availability

In this release, the progressive and predictive dialing modes are only compliant in the US and UK. Please reach out to your 8x8 Sales representative for more information on licensing requirements.

Dialing modes

Prior to this release, the 8x8 Auto Dialer was available in preview dialing mode. In this release, we are introducing 8x8 Auto Dialer in progressive and predictive dialing modes.

Next steps

After reviewing the capabilities of each dialing mode, you are now ready to begin configuring the 8x8 Auto Dialer. Learn how to set up the dialer.