Controlled call recording on third-party transfers

As an 8x8 Contact Center administrator, you can choose to stop call recording on the third-party transfers when your last contact center agent leaves the call. Let's assume the contact center agent transfers a call (via a warm or cold transfer) to a customer or a third-party caller who is outside the contact center, or the agent decides to drop out of a conference call as the last contact center agent. With the help of this new feature, you can stop call recording to avoid sensitive information to be recorded after the call is transferred.

The call recording control is enabled at the tenant level and cannot be modified per agent. Once enabled, it becomes the default setting for call recording of the tenant and overrides the existing settings such as agent's ability to pause recording. The call recording stops as soon as the last agent leaves the call. Calls to 8x8 Work extensions are also considered third-party calls and therefore subject to this rule. Contact 8x8 Support for more information and to enable this feature. For details, see our content about Agent's Recording Controls.