Bug fixes 9.10

In 8x8 Contact Center, we have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-41861 Tenant error when a session expires; after the session expires and the user is logged out, it goes to a legacy login page.
VCC-41844 On select tenants, agents get stuck in post processing if agent A's inbound caller hangs up while agent A is consulting with agent B.
VCC-41659 In Persistent connection mode, agent workplace phone with spaces in the DID causes an internal server error and does not release call ports.
VCC-41516 Inbound callers hear dead air when an agent transfers the caller to a queue that has call-forwarding set up to a 8x8 Contact Center channel while the agent is being monitored by a supervisor.
VCC-41418 In Monitoring > Advanced Search, performing a search by contact name returns no results.
VCC-39130 Detail Transaction Activity Reports does not show calls in the correct date and time order.
VCC-39087 Post Call Survey is played to agent instead of caller after a warm transfer.
VCC-39049 Wallboards cannot run under an iframe after the 9.8.0 upgrade.
VCC-39039 Duplicate voicemail transactions are generated.
VCC-37620 Forwarding an email to a queue results in the incorrect case being transferred.
VCC-37513 Status Code List on the Monitoring Window > Agent Management >Real Time tab is not displaying what has been selected.
VCC-36612 Line 2 recording does not resume if you click the hold button on line2.
VCC-36520 Running historical reports returns some negative values.
VCC-34126 WAPI does not allow an email address for a customer to be set to an empty value.
VCC-33668 In Scripts the Get Digit, 0 seconds timeout option actually takes 10 seconds.
VCC-28755 A localization error offers the schedule in a different language, when the admin language is other than English (US).
VCC-25625 Getting a list of chats takes an extended period of time.
VCC-36951 Queue timeout interactions block call ports.
VCC-40007 Agent Console is stuck in a busy state after ending chat.
VCC-41019 Searching for the alternative number returns no results, full or partial.
VCC-41113 Unable to save email as a draft if there is an attachment.
VCC-38032 Outbound email stops sending intermittently.
VCC-41531 Recording deletion API returns the right response code, but those recordings are not deleted.
VCC-40959 Local CRM does not allow the editing or closure of cases with html tags in the body.
VCC-40903 Agent status changes from Working Offline to Available if Line 2 is hung up last.
VCC-40989 If the external password has special characters, the agent login keeps on spinning.
VCC-40211 Email reply from Agent Console does not provide the reply-to address.
VCC-40210 On Agent Management, from the beginning of day, the time on Status % color bar is not calculating correctly.
VCC-39953 UK agent profiles with date format of dd/mm/yyyy get stuck at contacting the server when editing FAQ.
VCC-39478 Inaccurate time for On Break status when the agent places an outbound call at the same time as an inbound transaction is assigned.
VCC-39054 When replying via unitary view there is a message saying: Network Error. Please try again later.
VCC-38779 In the Customer tab, using an apostrophe (') in any text field will save as an inverted comma (").
VCC-38502 8x8 Contact Center Monitoring Playback shows all internal chats.
VCC-38259 Cases in draft status cannot be deleted.
VCC-37172 Security fix is required on the agent side of chat.
VCC-36550 Historical reports for agent transactions do not reconcile totals with the counts for accepted/rejected/abandoned interactions.
VCC-36320 Caller name and Caller number data is missing from Quality Management interactions data from Direct Access calls.
VCC-35687 Changing the Integration Type does not update the Outbound set up target type when disabled.
VCC-35349 Inconsistent ready time is displayed in the Teleopti integration.
VCC-29959 Phone tab cannot be saved if the primary agent directory number is longer than eight digits.
VCC-27464 Internal features are visible to external customers.
VCC-26112 Phone IVR scripting node (Say) does not handle contractions such as: you've, can't, and don't correctly.
VCC-43167 Agent 2 doesn't receive a Line 2 Agent-to-Agent call from Agent 1 when both agents have a persistent connection.
VCC-42418 When a Persistent Mode agent transfers an inbound call to another queue it fails intermittently.
VCC-41997 CM Admin gets stuck with contacting the server if they try to change a supervisor role for an admin, or update TCL list.
VCC-41868 In Local CRM a PDF attachment converts to .utf file when you click on it to view.
VCC-41847 The case report times out after two minutes.
VCC-41759 The copied CM Campaigns do not show up on the Monitoring page.
VCC-41682 Unable to update email addresses using WAPI when the email address contains an apostrophe.
VCC-41511 Error in a provisioning description causes an infinite loading indicator during Agent Console login.
VCC-40923 Callers are unable to leave a voicemail message when on line 2.
VCC-40911 Internal error appears when trying to download a phone script as a PDF file.
VCC-40829 8x8 Contact Center call recordings are still initiated for agents and queues set at 0 percent call recording.
VCC-40055 Outbound call on a queue does not change its status to Busy for Line2 if Line1 has active post processing. The agent goes back to the Available state even if they are still on outbound call.
VCC-39208 Excessive delay occurs when trying to open the selected follow ups in an open case.
VCC-38514 Call activity is missing in reporting when Outbound Phone Codes are used.
VCC-43839 Multiple calls appear in the same recording.
VCC-43727 Queued emails are missing original recipients that were on the main and cc sections.
VCC-43523 Paused recording resumes automatically after you either put a caller on and off hold, or switch back from line 2.
VCC-43246 A customer chat window keeps spinning when they input valid HTML or JavaScript strings into chat.
VCC-40762 Chat from API auto abandons after 35 or 36 minutes of holding.
VCC-42427 Unable to view the full list of email recipients in CRM cases.
VCC-38667 Agent status shows up incorrectly in the 8x8 Contact Center directory section.
VCC-35329 Agent calling a Supervisor who is also monitoring them, can cause total loss of audio.
VCC-24921 The # Key has an inconsistent result when used as an IVR menu option.