Text to Speech

The IVR engine now converts text to speech using the Say object. The Say object relays static free text or dynamic value of a variable (phone number, queue position) to the caller. These text to speech announcements can play dynamic or static data in multiple languages.


  • Convert static text or dynamic value of a variable to speech using the Say object in IVR.
  • Announce text to speech in multiple languages.
  • Offer basic and prime text to speech services.

8x8 Contact Center offers two levels of Text to Speech service with the following options:

  • Basic Text to Speech
  • Prime Text to Speech
Text to Speech Options Basic Prime
Languages English (US), French, Italian, German, Spanish


For a list of language supported, click here.

Voices 1 60+
Datatype Not supported digit, number, phone, currency,date, time
Character limit 130 210
Number of Say instances allowed in IVR unlimited unlimited