In-Queue Treatments and Controls

In this release, we have introduced capabilities that improve caller experience while waiting to be served in the queue. Using enhanced IVR objects, you can now better engage callers waiting in a queue by playing multiple prompts or announcing the call's position in the queue. You can also allow them to opt out of the queue and direct themselves to an operator or leave a voicemail or opt to be called back when an agent is available.


In-queue treatments and controls allow:

  • detection of caller input and or contact center conditions to opt out of a queue.
  • offer menu of multiple treatment options while waiting in a queue (no longer assumes voice mail will be the primary opt out choice).
  • announce a caller's position in queue
  • easy control of a timed pattern of multiple waiting announcements and background audio (queue music).

To enable these new improvements, 8x8 Contact Center IVR has introduced new and enhanced objects:

  • Play: Offers a choice of uninterruptable or interruptable Play. Formerly Play messages could not be interrupted by a caller. For example, If a main menu announcement has a long list of choices, callers familiar with the menu can skip listening to the entire message and input their choice by interrupting the announcement.
  • Say: This object converts programmed text and variable objects such as phone number and queue position into speech. The Say object is also interruptible or not.
  • Get digit: This object must be used after Play and Say messages that prompt for digit tone input. Get Digit is a menu optimized for the input of a single digit.
  • Loop and Time Interval: These new in-queue only objects control the pattern of announcements, queue music, and conditional contact center tests while waiting in queue.

Use Case

To understand the useability of In-queue treatments and enhancements, lets look at the call flow requirements for AcmeHealth Clinic, a fictitious medical hospital. In an effort to provide best care services, AcmeHealth wants to ensure best calling experience to their callers at all times.Their callers are typically patients or guardians. While waiting to be served in the queue, the clinic wants to engage its callers by playing announcements about the seasonal events occurring in the hospital such as flu vaccination hours or upcoming health seminars. If the wait is too long, they can drop out of the queue and reach an operator or leave a voicemail for their care team.

  1. AcmeHealth allows customers to self direct themselves to the desired specialty department using a main menu announcement.
  2. Once the caller selects a desired department such as Pediatrics, the call enters the dedicated queue. While in queue, the system plays courtesy announcements such as information about the on-going flu vaccination clinic or upcoming health seminars engaging the caller.
  3. This is followed by an announcement of caller's current position in the queue. This informs the caller about an approximate waiting time. The caller is then given the following choices:

    • Continue to wait in the queue for assistance.
    • Drop out of the queue for operator assistance.
    • Drop out of the queue to leave a message for the patient care team.

    The following diagram represents IVR requirements for a typical call flow at AcmeHealth.

Create an IVR Script

Creating an IVR script to meet these requirements involves the following steps: