Access Global Reach for 8x8 Contact Center

If your contact center has agents and customers distributed globally, serving your customers 24/7 with the right skilled agents and providing smooth call quality can be a challenge given the global operation. The last thing you want, is to distress customers with poor call quality when they need help. The Single Tenant Global Reach initiative from 8x8 Contact Center provides best call quality on VoIP across continents.

With Single Tenant Global Reach, 8x8 Contact Center houses all your agents on a single platform and on a single tenant irrespective of their geographic location. The single tenant architecture eliminates the need to log in to multiple tenants to manage traffic from different continents. An agent logging in from North America can service customer interactions not only from North America, but also from Europe and Asia Pacific with a single login and with little compromise on the interaction quality.

Benefits of Global Reach

  • Single tenant for a global contact center
  • Best call quality for global audience
  • Availability of media servers in US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia Pacific
  • Call flow based on the media server closest to the point of call origination
  • Eliminated need for multiple tenants to serve geographically distributed agents
  • Smooth call quality and agent interaction experience

Use Cases

To better understand the benefits of Global Reach initiative, let us look at use cases that illustrate how Virtual Contact Center preserves voice and data quality during interactions across the globe. These use cases are based on a typical global contact center operation. Let us define a single tenant for AcmeJets, a fictitious company with its support center agents distributed across EU (Europe), NA (North America) and APAC (Asia-Pacific), serving customers round the clock. This tenant can be hosted (home location) on any one of the 8x8 data centers in EU, NA, or APAC. The "home" location is pre-configured.

A typical contact center interaction involves the following four components:

  • Home location – location of the 8x8 data center hosting the tenant
  • Media Server – location of the media server closest to the party who initiates the call
  • Agent location – Location of the agent who accepts and processes the call
  • Caller location – location of customer during an inbound call or agent during an outbound call