Automatic monitoring during a call

The ability to monitor and archive agent-customer conversations is critical to ensuring quality of customer service provided by your call center business. The silent monitoring feature allows a supervisor to eavesdrop on a conversation between an agent and a customer without either party knowing that they are being monitored.

As a supervisor, you can listen in to all calls handled by an agent without having to manually turn on monitoring for each call. Any time the agent engages in a queued call, you are immediately offered a monitoring call automatically. Answer the call to listen to the agent's conversation. As a supervisor, you can turn on settings to automatically invoke agent monitoring.

To set up automatic monitoring:

  1. In the Monitoring window, select the agent you wish to monitor and click or Start Monitoring to begin monitoring.
  2. When the agent engages in a queued call, you are offered a monitoring call.

  3. Answer the call to listen in.
  4. Click End Call in your Control Panel or drop the call on your phone when you want to.

    Note: Do not click Finish Monitoring to retain the automatic monitoring settings.

  5. When the agent handles the next call, you are offered the monitoring call again. Use your phone set to listen in.