Unified Login (Unified Login users)

We are moving you to a simple and easy-to-remember login URL. With this release, use https://login.8x8.com to log in to 8x8 Contact Center applications. Whether you are an administrator, a supervisor, or an agent, you can sign in to any of these roles with a single username and password. This eliminates the need to log in to each application separately. We continue to support the old login URLs for a brief period. We ask you to bookmark the new login URL to help you with the transition.

Change of Behavior

Login credentials: as you are aware, your username is of the folowing format-loginID@tenantname. For example, jsmith@AcmeJets. Previously, we allowed you to append the tenant name in the login URL for convenience.
Example: https://vcc-na4.8x8.com/AGUI/login.php?tenant=AcmeJets
In the Unified login process, we do not support appending the tenant name in the URL any more. You will need to log in as loginID@tenantname.

After being promoted to 8.4 release, admins are required to create agents and administrators with unique Usernames. This eliminates the need for authenticating users with tenant names. For example, if you created a new user with username Robert in the tenant AcmeJets, the new user logs in using <Robert>. Adding the tenant name is not a requirement any more.