Known issues 8.4

We have identified the following known issues in 8.4. Look for resolutions for these issues in the upcoming releases:

Issue Comment
Agent-to-Agent Dialing The new and improved methods of agent-to-agent dialing are not implemented in this release. Dialing the extension number from the shared directory and from the telephone field in the Control Panel will be supported in the upcoming release. We continue to support agent-to-agent dialing via the Agents tab in the Control Panel.
Agent DID Call Routing Incoming calls for agent PBX number and DID number always get mapped to the IVR script assigned to the PBX number. If you have specified separate treatments for customer-to-agent dialing and agent-to-agent dialing, the PBX number script overrides the existing DID number script.
Warning for Emergency Calling 8x8 Contact Center dedicated extensions do not allow outbound calling and hence do not support calling the emergency services. On going off-hook, these devices currently do not hot dial to a warning message.

Note: Please notify agents using dedicated extensions that emergency calling is not supported on these devices.