Enhanced Dial Plans

8x8 Contact Center dial plans now handle private PBX numbers in addition to full public numbers. New system dial plans are equivalent to prior system dial plans with added support for PBX number dialing. In the new system dial plans, the International Numbering Plan (ITU-T E.164) no longer allows unfiltered pass-through dialing. Dial plans take numbers dialed by users, or numbers originating from other 8x8 Contact Center components, IVR callback, web callback, click-to-dial, workplace phone, etc., and apply editing rules to yield one of the following:

  • A valid global public phone number (known as E.164)
  • A valid PBX number
  • A call disallowed message number
  • A warning tone generating number


Backward Compatibility

  • All prior dial plans are automatically adjusted to compensate for the plus (+) sign change.
  • The original International Numbering Plan (ITU-T E.164) allowed any digit sequence starting with a plus (+) sign to pass through without any digit modifications. The updated equivalent dial plan now includes E.164 number validity checks along with some special and premium number blocking. In some cases, users of this plan may experience a change of behavior if their customary dialing included non-E.164 number patterns.