Overview Direct Agent Routing

In addition to legacy DAA call handling, DAR provides a powerful and flexible set of script functions which allows refined selection and control of calls to be directed to an individual agent. This release introduces the following new Direct Agent Routing (DAR) objects and enhancements:

  • GetValue is extended to be able to capture an agent’s assigned DAA number. The caller is prompted to input a valid DAA number which is then validated.
  • Set Agent finds agents based on:
    • Channel linked to Direct-In-Dial (DID) number
    • Look up Local CRM for case created by, case last worked by, and case assigned to
    • Set a fix agent selection
  • Transfer to Agent directs a call to an agent. It can be used in conjunction with Set Agent to find an agent or by itself. This supports separate logic as why a call may not reach the target agent depending on the agent’s real-time state.
  • Transfer to Agent Voicemail transfers call to an agent’s voicemail typically if Transfer to Agent is not successful.


  • Identify the agent the customer should talk to based on:

    • Who created the case associated with the customer
    • Who is assigned to the case

    • Who last worked on the case

    • Agent DID number that was shared with the customer
  • Transfer the customer call to the right agent based on agent status, and change agent status to busy after accepting the call
  • Control agent’s status during a DAR Call
  • Allow the caller to leave a voicemail for the agent if the agent is not available
  • Allow caller to take an option to divert if they prefer not to leave a voicemail


DAR calls do not yet support the following features:

  • Post Processing state
  • Transaction Codes


The agent must be assigned a Direct Access Number to be eligible for Direct Agent Routing.

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