Direct Agent Routing

In this release we introduce Direct Agent Routing (DAR), a powerful and flexible set of script functions to allow agent’s call handling. But first let us have a recap of the legacy DAA.

Pre-8.1 - Direct Agent Access

Direct Agent Access (DAA) is now a legacy feature. It gives callers the option of directly reaching an agent in the 8x8 Contact Center environment by dialing the agent’s DAA number in an IVR menu. The DAA number is validated (checked if it exists and matches a particular agent for that tenant) and then the call is placed to the agent. If the agent is not reachable (the agent does not answer within the specified interaction timeout or rejects the call) then the call is directed to the agent’s 8x8 Contact Center voicemail.

Agents must be assigned DAA numbers that are unique within the tenant. The assigned DAA numbers are not related to any other set of numbers.  DAA numbers may be assigned to mimic numbers used by other systems.

DAA Call Handling Constraints

  • DAA requires callers to enter an agent’s DAA number exclusively during IVR Menu treatments.
  • DAA calls are always presented to an agent regardless of the agent’s current state.
  • Unanswered DAA calls may be directed to an agent’s voicemail with primitive opt-out controls.
  • Queue calls are presented to agents who are Available even if they are on a DAA call.
  • Forward to Agent[ ] logic is difficult to comprehend due to its implied action within IVR Menus.

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