Enhanced Control on Agent Status

In 8.1 release, we offer agents the flexibility to stop new chat interactions and wrap up the chat sessions in progress while handling multi-chat. With this enhancement, agents winding up for the day can block new chat interactions being offered to them and manage the workload better. In the Control Panel, agents are offered the Stop New and Resume buttons.

  • Clicking Stop New blocks incoming chat requests.
  • Clicking Resume allows incoming chat requests.


  • Stop New is limited to queued chat interactions only.
  • Stop New button is only available in busy state during multi-chat.
  • Monitoring shows the change of agent status to stop new.

To stop new interactions:

  1. While processing chat interactions, you are automatically on busy status.
  2. Click Stop New.
  3. Your status changes to Busy (Stop New). While in this state, you are not offered any new chats.
  4. Wrap up the existing chat sessions.
  5. On wrapping up the last chat session, your status changes to Post Processing and then to Work Offline instead of being offered a new chat.

To resume new interactions:

  1. While on Busy (Stop New) state, you are blocking any new chat requests.
  2. If you wish to resume, click Resume.
  3. Any queued chat request is offered to you immediately.

Monitoring Agent Status

As a contact center supervisor, you can monitor agents blocking new chat requests. The Monitoring window shows agents' change of status to Busy (Stop New).

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