Enhanced Pull Emails

The administrator can prevent agents from deleting the pending emails by disabling this option in 8x8 Configuration Manager for each individual agent. By default, agents have the privileges to delete pending emails.

How to Set Up?

  1. Log in to 8x8 Configuration Manager.
  2. Navigate to Agents.
  3. Locate the agent and click or edit.
  4. Go to General tab.
  5. Clear Allow agent to Delete pending e-mails check box.
    Disabling this feature prevents agents from deleting pending emails in 8x8 Agent Console.
  6. Click Save.

In 8x8 Agent Console

You can observe the following behavior as an agent:

By default, agents can delete pending emails in 8x8 Agent Console.

With the new enhancement, however, agents can be prevented from deleting pending emails:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Agent Console.
  2. Navigate to the Status tab under the Control Panel.
  3. Click Email Pull to pull emails from the agent's queue in the Control Panel.
    The Pending Emails page appears.
  4. Click an email to open. Notice that you cannot select or delete any email.