Bug fixes 8.1.7

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Bug Summary
VFIX-960 In 8x8 Agent Console, in the monitoring play back windows, outbound queue calls showed N/A instead of the queue name.
VFIX-995 Error in returned date during an API call to stats API.
VFIX-1032 In 8x8 External CRM integration, auto log was created for interactions that had reached the time-out but not always accepted by agents such as caller hang-up or agent time-out.
VFIX-1130 In 8x8 Agent Console, some outbound queue information (Type, Queue, and Accept Time) were missing from the Historical report when dialing outbound from Line 2, while the agent was on a call on Line 1.
VFIX-1190 In 8x8 Agent Console embedded chat was not working as expected for a couple of time zones.
VFIX-1227 In the 8x8 Agent Console during an inbound call the agent's status remained busy even during the post-processing stage.

Note: Post processing is not considered as busy status.

VFIX-1246 In 8x8 Agent Console while typing an email, if the agent hit backspace when a call came in, the application logged out the agent and displayed the login page.

In 8x8 Agent Console, agent received a notice that the Single Sign-On token for the 8x8 Contact Center integrated with External CRM is terminated and session is no longer valid.

VFIX-1260 In 8x8 Agent Console under Cases > Edit > Notify > Address Book, sorting of the address book did not work when clicking the column heads such as Name, E-mail, and Type.
VFIX-1267 Failure to recognize DTMF input for calls forwarded to external number in IVR.
VFIX-1271 In 8x8 Agent Console Menu > Monitoring > Playback > Chat, no chat transactions were listed.
VFIX-1272 In 8x8 Agent Console and under Menu > Report, collapse and expand window caused the saved reports not to display properly.
VFIX-1274 In 8x8 Agent Console, the agent received multiple Error tabs if screen pop was enabled and they had missing or invalid credentials.
VFIX-1276 Agent personal Voicemail emails did not include the phone number of the missed call in the subject line.
VFIX-1287 In 8x8 Agent Console during a phone interaction, when the agent received calls on both lines 1 and 2, the overlapping windows blocked the agent from viewing the complete incoming phone number.
VFIX-1288 In 8x8 Agent Console, during a chat interaction, the screen pop window only appeared if the agent ended the chat. No screen pop appeared if the customer ended a chat.
VFIX-1295 In 8x8 Configuration Manager, editing the Wallboard Thresholds returned blank page.
VFIX-1304 When logging in to 8x8 Agent Console, if the agent typed the user name in a wrong letter case, a blank white page displayed instead of a username/password incorrect message.
VFIX-1315 In 8x8 Agent Console, if a supervisor logged in to monitor the real time monitoring while the agent was working on an email, some information was missing such as which email the agent was working on.
VFIX-1317 In 8x8 Configuration Manager, if the administrator selected Stylised Chat under Direct URL category, the chat generated via the URL link, gets stuck and cannot be offered to the agent.
VFIX-1348 In Zendesk when a call was made to a channel, the agent could not create a ticket at the call accept. It happened to both custom and default XMLs.
VFIX-1354 The queue display order in 8x8 Agent Console changed when single queue was created for different media such as Inbound Phone, Outbound Phone, Chat, Voice Mail and Email. The display order however worked fine when more than one queue were created in each media.
VFIX-1363 Calls were assigned to the agents in the same queue in 8x8 Agent Console based on the last call offered. The agents who answered the last call were offered a new call. The behavior is corrected now to offer calls based on the longest idle time. For chat interactions, the timer is reset on accepting an interaction. it is offered to the next available agent.
VFIX-1382 In 8x8 Agent Console, all DAA calls showed in the report regardless of the selected agent or group. The DAA calls must be filtered.
VFIX-1392 In 8x8 Agent Console, if an inbound call on Line 1 was placed on hold by agent but hung up by the caller, as soon as the agent ended the post processing, his status changed from Busy to Available while being on an outbound call on Line 2.
VFIX-1395 In 8x8 Agent Console, if an inbound DAA call came in through Line 2 and was hung up by the caller before the agent had a chance to accept or reject the call, the agent status on Line 1 changed from Busy to Available.
VCC-3904 In this new 8x8 Agent Console feature, agents are notified with a sound when a customer on the second or third chat screen replies. This new feature prevents the agents from missing any customer responses even if their chat window is not in focus.