Access Control for Salesforce Integration

As a contact center administrator, you can now control agents' access to 8x8 Contact Center Integration with Salesforce. The access to integration can now be controlled via 8x8 Configuration Manager.

In 8x8 Configuration Manager, you can grant access to Salesforce integration to a selective group of agents. While provisioning 8x8 Contact Center, your sales agent assigns the desired number of users allowed to use Salesforce integration. To check this count of Salesforce users, go to Home > Profile.

To grant access to Salesforce integration:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Configuration Manager.
  2. Navigate to Integration > Screen Pop.
    Note: You must have enabled and configured Salesforce integration.
  3. In Agents area, enable the check box next to Select and assign all agents.

    Note: The check box is disabled if the named users assigned to the tenant exceeds the provisioned Salesforce Users Limit.

  4. To select agents individually, click Choose Agents link.
  5. Select the desired agents from the list of agents configured in the tenant.
  6. Click Assign.

    Note: If the number of selected agents exceeds the Salesforce user limit, you get an error message indicating the limit. You must readjust the selection accordingly.

  7. Save your settings.