Enhanced Queue Status Message

Before transferring an interaction to a queue, agents used to receive a warning message if the queue was unattended. The agents could choose to block the message from popping up again. With the new enhancement, however, agents can be prevented from blocking the warning message permanently. They can block the transfer by default, but administrators can configure it otherwise.

How to Set Up?

In 8x8 Configuration Manager, the administrator has the privileges to enable or disable the option to allow agents to transfer interactions to an unattended queue.

To prevent agents from blocking the warning message permanently:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Configuration Manager.
  2. Navigate to Home > Profile.
  3. Under Miscellaneous Tenant Settings, select Enable transferring to queues with no working agents.
  4. Select or clear Allow agents to configure warning message popup check box.
    • If selected:
      Agents can choose to disable the warning message by selecting Do not show this message again during a transfer.

    • If cleared:
      Agents cannot disable the warning message during a transfer to an unattended queue.
      1. In 8x8 Agent Console, during an interaction, select a grayed out queue to transfer the interaction and click Transfer.

        A system warning pops up informing you that the queue has agents who are either busy, offline, or not available. Note that the agents cannot disable the warning message.
      2. To continue transferring the call, click Continue.
      3. To cancel the transfer, click Cancel.