Dial Plan Usability Improvements

In this release, we have introduced some usability enhancements to dial plan configuration.

  1. Ability to copy or duplicate: You can copy or duplicate system plans and existing custom plans. Click the copy icon to instantly copy a plan and customize it.
  2. Ability to edit dial plan: You can edit custom dial plans. But, you are not allowed to edit system dial plans. The edit icon that was previously shown next to system dial plan is now replaced with a view icon.
  3. Label change: Dial plan type is renamed from Pre-Configured to System Pre-Configured.
  4. In the editor/view screen of dial plans:

    • For testing, enter a string in the test input box and press Enter key to execute the test. Earlier, you had to click the test button.
    • You can add comments to rules to identify the purpose.
  5. Ability to re-order: For custom plans, you can change the order of the rules using the up/down icons. Drag and drop is NOT supported.
  6. Usability improvement: Adding a new rule auto fills basic regular expression info. Prior to this enhancement, adding a new rule required you to manually fill the expression and prevented you from proceeding.
  7. Plans must now translate to a value that is E164 compliant including + sign. + is no longer implicitly added.
  8. Inheritance of changes in tenant default plan: You can now change the tenant default dial plan and agents assigned to the plan will automatically inherit the changed dial plan.

    Note: The change will not be inherited by agents assigned to a specific dial plan. Previously, once the Agent > Phone tab settings was saved for an agent, the agent acquired the tenant's default plan at that time as a specific agent setting. Changing the dial plan was not inherited by this agent there after.

  9. Visibility to agent's dial plan: Administrators can now locate agents assigned to a specific dial plan and those assigned to a tenant default plan from the agent settings easily.