More Enhancements

In this release, we are offering more enhancements:

  • Caller Name Display
  • Improved Chat Translation
  • Setting Chat Language through Chat-API

Calling Name (CNAM) Display Activated

In some markets, we have activated the display of calling party's name to help identify a caller. The availability is based on the carrier used. When agents receive phone interactions, the transaction tab displays the calling name along with the caller ID.

Improved Chat Translation

We have improved the quality of chat translation for UI text and tool tips in the Embedded chat.

We have been offering chat translation for English, Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian and Polish.

Setting Chat Language Through Chat-API

This feature allows the 8x8 Contact Center administrator to set the chat language through Chat-API instead of using Pre-Chat form. This is specially useful when the tenant already has the customer information and there is no need for re-inquiry.

To set the chat language, use chat:set-language. For example: bus.publish ("chat:set-language", "pt") For the complete guide, refer to API documentation Developer Guide.

The chat language can be set:

  • Before starting a chat, for example, when a customer enters in a queue.
  • Using API programming via message bus.

Note: Only system messages and the chat transcription are localized to the configured language. This event should be published in the same bus as when setting the customer information.