Chat Recording

In this release, we offer supervisors the capability to access transcripts of chat conversations between agents and customers. Using the Monitoring privilege, supervisors can access internal (agent-to-agent) and external (customer-to-agent) chat transcripts. 8x8 Contact Center saves all chat messages automatically and saving messages cannot be disabled.


As a supervisor, you can:

  • Access saved chat interactions using the Monitoring > Playback tab.
  • Discern between internal and external records.
  • Search chat records by specific data fields.
  • Filter chat records by queue, agent, or channel.
  • Sort the records by column headers.
  • Select different time zone to view the chat record. Ability to choose different time zones.
  • Search for content within a chat record.
  • Access transaction details such as duration of chat, the channel and queue it was directed through, and more.
  • Access pre-chat metadata (when available) for each interaction.
  • Download the transcript.
  • Pop out the chat transcript window from the Monitoring tab.


Images shared during a chat are not included in downloaded transcripts.

How to Access Chat Recordings

As a supervisor, you can log in to 8x8 Agent Console, sort, search and filter for desired chat recordings.

To view chat transcripts:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Agent Console.
  2. From the Menu, navigate to Monitoring.
  3. In the Monitoring window, select Playback tab.
  4. Select Chat link to access all chat recordings.
    A list of available chat recordings is displayed.
    • To filter, click Filter Window link. Select the desired filter criteria for queues, agents and channels.
    • To sort, click on any desired column header. The list gets sorted alphabetically or numerically or by date.
    • For a custom search, use the advanced search option. Create a desired search query and click Search.
  5. Click on the desired chat recording from the list to view the detailed transcript.
    • To view the transaction details, click on the Transaction tab on the right hand side.
    • To view the pre-chat meta data, click on the Pre-chat tab. The pre-chat tab shows only if the chat included a pre-chat form.
    • To download the chat transcript, click the Download link on the right hand side. It saves the transcript as a text file.
  6. To search for a keyword within the transcript, enter the keyword in the search box. If found, all instances of the string are highlighted within the record.
  7. To pop out the chat recording window, click .

How to Select a Time Zone

By default, each chat recording is shown in the tenant time zone. You can select a timezone from the following choices.

  • Supervisor timezone: Displays the chat time in supervisor time zone.
  • Contact timezone: Displays the chat time in contact's time zone.
  • Agent timezone: Displays the chat time in agent's time zone.
  • Other timezone: Allows you to change to any available option for GMT.