View the Interaction Time Breakdown - Pie chart

Let’s say you want to view the exact handling time for one of your agent’s WhatsApp interactions without spending too much time looking at the interaction flow. You can easily view the handling statistics in the Interaction Time Breakdown section. The pie chart illustrates the proportions for the following metrics:

  • Script Treatment Duration: Indicates the total time spent by the customer in the script, excluding the queued time.
  • Queued Duration: Indicates the time the interaction spent in a queue - from entering the queue until the interaction was first accepted by an agent.
  • Handling Duration: Indicates the duration between the agent action time and handling end time.
  • Wrap Up Duration: Indicates the duration between the start-post-processing (coincides with handling end time) and end-post-processing time.
  • Total: Displays the sum of all metrics.

Note: You can also hover over each section of the pie chart to view the time details.

View the Interaction Timeline

To view the exact time an event occurred, you can refer to the interaction timeline section. You can select to view: