Enhanced Data Augmentation

In 8x8 Contact Center, data collected by External CRMs and third party integrations can now be used in a meaningful way. The 8x8 Data Augmentation API allows you to tie data between external applications and call data. It facilitates greater resolution on what drives call volumes and handling times. Prior to this release, the two nodes: 8x8 IVR, and forward to external IVR, have been limited in terms of data variables.


  • Allows 8x8 customers to tie data between external applications and call data.
  • Facilitates routing calls to the correct queues based on data collected.
  • Drives down call misroutes and call handling times.
  • Results in richer data and better insights in 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center.

Use cases

The followings are some common use cases for Data Augmentation:

  • Route calls to queues by name, ID, or intention of the call
  • Use for advanced Auto Attendant systems
  • Route to different stores, locations, or offices
  • Route to the last agent who handled the call previously (by integrating to a system that recorded the last interaction)

An example workflow

  1. A variable is created based on the call flow or data need.
  2. Call arrives at the 8x8 Contact Center.
  3. The call is then forwarded to external IVR (eIVR).
  4. eIVR asks questions or queries a background integration or CRM, based on caller inputs.
  5. The intent of the call is assessed by eIVR.
  6. eIVR assigns a queue ID value to the call.
  7. eIVR posts the queue ID value to VCC API.
  8. Calls are terminated in eIVR.
  9. The call is resumed in VCC with the queue ID value assigned.
  10. A phone script tests to see if the variable matches.
  11. The call is then routed to a queue based on data collected from eIVR.

Steps to forward calls to an external IVR (eIVR)

The following steps explain how you can forward calls to an external IVR such as intelligent IVR. Using the phone script in the 8x8 Configuration Manager, forward an incoming call to the external IVR, assign a queue ID inside the intelligent IVR, check the queue ID inside the phone script, and forward the call to the right queue.