Design a chat invitation

A chat invitation in 8x8 Contact Center serves to proactively invite website visitors to a chat. 8x8 Contact Center administrators can program and present the chat invitation to their website visitors after visitors have spent some time browsing the website. 8x8 Contact Center chat design offers a default chat invitation. To create a custom chat invitation via 8x8 Configuration Manager, you can build a new invitation from scratch, or copy a default invitation and make the desired changes.

To create a custom chat invitation:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Chat Design.
  2. Go to the Invitation tab.
  3. Click or Add new invitation.
  4. Enter a Name and Description for the new chat button.
  5. Add or change the user interface elements of the invitation by adding Window title, Button label, and Message.
    The chat invitation preview is shown.
  6. Select to Use default colors. The default colors are designed to help the visually challenged such as the color-blind.

    Note: Users for whom WCAG compliance is a non-priority, may select colors of their choice and overwrite the default colors.

  7. Choose the Logo customization file to select the logo of your choice for your chat invitation.
  8. Enter a Logo label. This field mandates a label for the logo that complies with WCAG. For the visually impaired, the screen reader reads out the label for better comprehension.
  9. Click Save when you are satisfied with look and feel of the invitation form.

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