Define password policies

8x8 Contact Center password policies allow the contact center administrator to define rules to enhance tenant security by encouraging users (administrators, agents, and supervisors) to employ strong passwords and ensure proper usage. Password policies define a mechanism to secure user accounts.

Note: 8x8 Contact Center administrators cannot create passwords for new users. Account information such as the system-generated password is automatically communicated with new users via email. Administrators, however, can help users reset their passwords during lockout by sending a system-generated email that contains the password reset link.


The following features in password policies of 8x8 Configuration Manager allow users to define passwords and increase their account security:

  • Timed password expiration forcing a periodic password change.
  • Password history to remember a specified number of previously used passwords and prevents re-use.
  • Minimum password length of 5, 8, or 10 characters.
  • Password complexity requirements, such as a mix of alphanumeric characters or a mix of upper and lowercase alpha with numeric characters.
  • Security questions to reset a forgotten password. You can prevent agents from answering the security question with a password.
  • Password reset for any user at any time. An administrator can initiate the password reset that is automatically communicated with users via email.
  • Account lockout for a specific time or until unlocked by administrator in case of invalid login attempts.
  • Lockout alert notification for administrator.

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