Before you start

To configure your 8x8 Contact Center, you need to:

  • Review technical requirements: MoreClosedTo ensure your infrastructure is best configured to interoperate with 8x8 Contact Center, refer to the 8x8 Contact Center Technical Requirements document.
  • Create a maintenance notification distribution list: MoreClosed8x8 Contact Center sends maintenance notifications via email. We recommend you ask your email administrator to set up an email distribution list that includes all employees in your company who want to be notified of contact center maintenance. You can then enter the email list under Home > Profile.
  • Compile a list of users: MoreClosedCompile a list of employees who will use 8x8 Contact Center to interact with customers. The list should include the first and last name, email address, login name, and phone number the user uses as their agent number in 8x8 Contact Center.
  • Gather physical phone number, soft or SIP phone IDs: MoreClosedIf agents use physical phones to process contact center calls, gather agents' phone numbers. If agents use softphones (such as Bria), the software must be downloaded and installed. Gather the SIP phone IDs.
  • Diagram automated call processing rules: MoreClosed Draft a diagram on how you would like your call flow to be. This helps you configure an interaction flow to achieve the best customer experience.

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