Status codes overview

8x8 Contact Center status codes enable contact center supervisors to track how an agent functions through a workday. When an 8x8 Contact Center agent is logged in to 8x8 Agent Console, the agent accepts or rejects interactions, takes breaks, works offline or logs out. Supervisors might want to know more details or reasons for an agent changing the status or rejecting an interaction. Agent statuses, such as On Break or Work Offline, do not point out the specific reasons for the status change by the agent. Status codes can be defined to bridge this information gap. The status codes associate an agent’s status change with probable reasons for the change, and enable supervisors or managers to track the work pattern of agents.

For example, you can define status codes such as Attend Meeting or Complete Case Work as probable reasons for an agent to work offline.

Using the status codes functionality:

  • An administrator predefines a list of status codes used to describe probable reasons for an agent’s status change actions.
  • An agent selects a reason for the status change from a predefined list of status codes when changing their status.
  • A supervisor analyzes an agent’s working pattern and contributes to improving call center’s throughput.

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