Roles and administrators

8x8 Contact Center role-based management allows a tenant to distribute the configuration management functionality among multiple roles. Role-based management allows you to create roles, define privileges or permissions to manage varying scope of tenant configuration, and add and assign administrators to the roles. For example, you can define a campaign manager role with exclusive permissions to create, edit, delete, and control campaigns, and restrict access to any other functionality in 8x8 Configuration Manager. To create a campaign role, you must grant permissions to Campaigns only.


Role-based management offers the following features in 8x8 Configuration Manager:

  • Ability to distribute tenant configuration among multiple roles and administrators.
  • Ability to create and manage multiple administrator roles.
  • Availability of predefined Super User role with unrestricted access to the tenant configuration. The tenant's Primary administrator inherits the Super User role.
  • Ability to assign multiple administrators to the Super User role.
  • Ability to assign administrative privileges to selective groups, or queues, or channels.
  • Each administrator can assume a single role at a given time.
  • Each role can have multiple administrators assigned to it.
  • Password security policies common to agents and administrators.
  • Ability to filter and sort roles list by different fields facilitating quick access to data.
  • Ability to filter and sort administrators list by different fields.

Type of roles

The following administrator roles exist in 8x8 Contact Center. The roles are accessed and configured via 8x8 Configuration Manager:

  • Super User: Every 8x8 Contact Center tenant has a predefined Super User role that has unrestricted administrative rights to configure and manage all objects in 8x8 Configuration Manager. The Primary administrator assumes the Super User role. You cannot edit or revoke permissions of the Super User role, but you can assign multiple administrators to the role. Any administrator in the Super User role inherits configuration rights to all administrative areas. When they log in to 8x8 Configuration Manager, they have access to all the functionality available to the tenant.
  • System Default: When creating a new user, you can assign the System Default role to the administrator. The System Default role has viewing permissions only. However, you can modify the permissions by allowing other rights such as Write, Create, and Edit.
  • Custom Role: Any administrator with permissions to the Security tab is capable of creating roles. You can create a custom role with custom privileges and assign administrators to that role. A custom role is any role defined by an administrator, while the Super User role is system-defined. An administrator assigned to a custom role may be referred to as the Secondary administrator. Based on the permissions, a Secondary administrator may have full or partial configuration rights. When this administrator logs in to 8x8 Configuration Manager, they have access to areas granted for the role only. For example, a campaign manager who is granted privileges to create campaigns only sees Campaigns in the Configuration Menu.

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