Define screen pop settings for External CRM

screen pop presents customer data to an 8x8 Contact Center agent automatically during an interaction, eliminating the need to manually search for the customer data. During an inbound call, 8x8 Contact Center looks up the caller ID in the existing customer data. On finding a record with a matching number in the Phone field, 8x8 Contact Center fetches and pops the record details to the agent presented with the interaction. If the search does not yield a matching record, it pops a new record entry screen.

A screen pop is presented for:

  • Inbound transactions, including phone, voicemail, chat, and email media
  • Outbound campaign phone transactions
  • Transactions involving web callback

To enable an External CRM integration for a tenant, you have to configure screen pop settings in 8x8 Configuration Manager. You need to select a target CRM, specify events that trigger screen population of customer data, and specify screen pop window properties. An agent has to then save the login credentials of the External CRM account in the agent’s profile. Integration enables searching for records containing phone data matching caller ID, and pops up the corresponding record(s) for specific events.

The events triggering a screen pop may be one or more of the following:

  • An agent is offered an interaction.
  • An agent has accepted an interaction.
  • An agent has completed an interaction.

Use Integration > screen pop to configure the contents and appearance of the messages sent to the Web browser associated with a particular interaction.

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