Example of a screen pop

The following example illustrates how to configure an 8x8 Contact Center screen pop via 8x8 Configuration Manager.

In the above image:

  • <myServer.net> specifies a valid HTTP server.
  • <ScriptPop.php> specifies a PHP script that displays either of two HTML pages.

The following example shows a PHP script invoked by the screen pop configuration illustrated in the above image.


/* scriptPop.php – This script should return a web page depending on the phone number dialed */


if (is_null($channel)) {

  printf(“No channel data was given”);


else {

  switch ($channel) {

  case ‘18005551212’:

    header(‘Location: http://www.8x8.com’);



    header(‘Location: http://www.example.com’);




The script evaluates the Call ANI:

  • If the interaction arrived on the 800-555-1212 phone channel, then the 8x8 homepage opens up in a new browser window.
  • If the call arrived on a different channel, then the script opens http://www.example.com in a new browser window.

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