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Integrate with External CRM

Virtual Contact Center offers integration capabilities with Local CRM and external Customer Resource Management (CRM) systems. Integrating with an External CRM enables you to expand the capabilities of Virtual Contact Center CRM, and to incorporate your existing CRM system data into your tenant's interaction processing workflow. The integration supports phone, voicemail, chat, and email channels, allowing you to access data from External CRM through an integrated Agent Console.

Virtual Contact Center provides out-of-the-box integration with:

Additionally, Virtual Contact Center supports custom integration with your CRM.

Virtual Contact Center’s ability to integrate with External CRM offers the following benefits:


The following table lists features supported for each CRM integration:

The CRM integration allows you to perform your CRM account activities using the integrated Agent Console with the following features:

The core feature set is common to all CRMs supported by integration, but varies slightly.

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