Overview of integration functionality

8x8 Contact Center administrators use 8x8 Configuration Manager to find and configure the following options:

  • 8x8 CRM API: Specify the access credentials and rights an External CRM uses to access the Local CRM database.
    The external system can access data from the Local CRM for purposes of producing customized reports or synchronizing database data between the two systems.
  • CRM Triggers: Configure 8x8 Contact Center to transmit URLs that include activity parameters to an external HTTP server whenever an agent creates, edits, or deletes a customer, case, follow-up, or task record in the Local CRM. The HTTP server uses the URL received from 8x8 Contact Center to run an interaction-specific synchronization, such as a database synchronization.
  • Screen pop: Configure 8x8 Contact Center to transmit a URL to an External CRM product when an agent is offered, accepts, or completes an interaction. The External CRM responds by sending an HTML document containing supplementary information about the interaction to the agent's browser as a pop-up.
  • API Token: Create and copy the secure access tokens required to enable an external system to access the following Local CRM data:
    • Statistical reporting data
    • Recording API
    • External IVR API
    • Real-time statistics reporting data

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