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Define Business Hours and Schedules

You can define schedules for your contact center staff by going to the Schedules tab. Define business hours, holidays, and special events that are followed by your company's departments. For example, if your sales and support teams have different hours of operation, use the Schedules tab to create separate schedules for each team.


Add a New Schedule

The Intra Day Scheduling feature provides you the flexibility to create multiple schedules within a day, and introduce multiple breaks without having to create nested schedules. You can select multiple call treatment choices to specify the desired call treatment in the IVR tree.

Creating a tenant schedule with the enhanced Intra Day Scheduler is simple and easy. The process involves:

  1. Gathering your contact center business hours and breaks
  2. Gathering your Special Events and Holidays schedule
  3. Defining a weekly schedule calendar
  4. Defining Special Events and Holidays calendars
  5. Configuring call routing and call treatment choices

To better understand the process, let us create a sample schedule for our fictitious contact center; AcmeJets. The Sales team at AcmeJets observes the following schedule:

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