Configure audio files and recorded greetings

In a typical phone menu, callers direct themselves to the desired destination using choices from the menu. 8x8 Contact Center phone menu is driven by pre-recorded audio messages. Audio files serve to automate a contact center's phone menu. 8x8 Contact Center offers a number of pre-recorded messages to serve your business needs. You can also upload customized messages to suit your specific needs. Use the Audio Files tab in 8x8 Configuration Manager to manage the recorded messages used by your phone channels.

To display the Audio Files:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Home.
  2. Go to the Audio Files tab.
    By default, each tenant includes a repository of pre-recorded audio files and user audio files. You may use the readily available messages or record and upload your customized messages.

    Note: 8x8 Contact Center supports the 8 KHz, 16-bit, monaural WAV file format only.

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