Create a chat script

An 8x8 Contact Center chat script defines the path of a chat interaction from its initiation until it is accepted by an agent. Using chat scripts, 8x8 Contact Center administrators can define how to present a chat, when to present it, what information they need to collect before initiating the chat, and which queue to direct the chat interaction to. They can create a new script and assign it to any number of channels. Chat scripts are grouped under Scripts > Chat in 8x8 Configuration Manager. The enhanced chat script allows you to design and control the chat flow in a contact center. To see the chat workflow diagram, refer to Chat Overview.

Let's say Bob, a contact center administrator at AcmeJets, wants to define a chat workflow that allows website visitors to initiate a chat with friendly representatives from his company. To enable a smooth chat flow, Bob must create a chat script that enables the following workflow:

  1. Allow web page visitors during business hours to click the chat button and initiate a chat.
    Invite visitors to chat once they have spent some time on the page.
  2. When they click the chat button, present a short pre-chat form that helps identify the customer's interests.
  3. Once the customer submits the pre-chat form, direct the chat interaction to an appropriate chat queue.
  4. If the wait is too long, allow the customer to skip waiting in the queue and send an offline message.
  5. Present the customer with a chat window they can use to interact with a representative.
  6. Allow the visitor to send an email message, if reached during closed hours.

To achieve the above goals, Bob must create a chat script like the one below. The objects can be entered in any order, as 8x8 Contact Center arranges them in the correct order.

To create a chat script:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Scripts.
  2. Go to the Chat tab.
  3. Click or Add new chat script.
  4. Follow the steps below:

See Chat Overview to learn about Embedded Chat Design.

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