About 8x8 Auto Dialer with campaign management

8x8 Auto Dialer with campaign management enables retrieving data from your Local CRM or importing data from an External CRM, creating campaigns, running campaigns, and tracking responses.

8x8 Contact Center supports preview, progressive, and predictive dialing modes to better manage outbound telephone-based campaigns to meet your business needs. Automate your outbound dialing and maximize the productivity of your contact center agents. Empower your agents to connect with prospects and customers more effectively, and boost conversion rates as well as customer satisfaction. The progressive and predictive dialing modes call numbers automatically from campaign calling lists, screen for busy signals, voicemail, no-answers, and disconnected numbers, connecting agents to only live-answered calls.

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A campaign enables you to search, generate, and feed a campaign call list to an outbound phone queue, facilitating automated outbound dialing. Campaigns pull data from the customer object of the Local CRM, or any CRM object, such as lead, account, or contact containing phone data from the Salesforce CRM. Campaigns are assigned to outbound phone queues, while agents assigned to these queues are offered campaign calls.

Note: 8x8 Auto Dialer supports generating campaign call lists directly from the Salesforce CRM if 8x8 Contact Center integration for Salesforce is set up. For all other External CRM integrations, the data must be imported from the External CRM into the Local CRM to generate campaign call lists.

Limited availability

The Progressive and Predictive dialing in 8x8 Auto Dialer are available in:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Note: The Preview dialing in 8x8 Auto Dialer is available globally.


8x8 Auto Dialer provides capabilities to generate a campaign call list, create, run, and recycle campaigns. The Dialer allows you, as an administrator, to:

  • Manage and automate outbound dialing campaigns extracting data directly from yourLocal CRM or imported from an External CRM application.
  • Support blended call centers; agents can be setup to process inbound and outbound calls with priorities, skills, and skill levels.
  • Define global properties for campaign management, which include selecting CRM objects and fields, and uploading audio messages for campaigns.
  • Assign a campaign to an outbound queue.
  • Upload and assign pre-recorded messages to campaigns.
  • Search and retrieve records from the Local CRM or Salesforce CRM to generate a campaign call list, and feed the list to an outbound queue.
  • Map transaction codes to automated disposition actions to schedule a call back, or try to call again.
  • Control and monitor campaigns.


  • 8x8 Auto Dialer is limited to customers who use the Local CRM and Salesforce CRM.
  • Available only to agents who are logged in to the Salesforce CRM Multi Channel interface. CTI Connect is not supported.

Dialer campaigns work in cycles

A key characteristic of nearly all dialer campaigns is that it is rare to reach the desired number of contacts after a single pass through a list. Therefore, campaign lists are recycled again and again using disposition codes from earlier cycles to alter selection and sort strategies to create new campaigns.

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