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Dialer with Campaign Management

Dialer with Campaign Management enables retrieving data from your Virtual Contact Center CRM and Salesforce Customer Resource Management (CRM) system, creating campaigns, executing campaigns, and tracking responses.

A campaign enables you to search, generate, and feed a campaign call list to an outbound phone queue, facilitating automated outbound dialing. Campaigns pull data from the customer object of our built-in CRM, or any CRM object, such as lead, account, or contact containing phone data from the Salesforce CRM. Campaigns are assigned to outbound phone queues, while agents assigned to these queues process campaign calls.

The Dialer uses CRM programming interfaces to select and extract information to build a dial campaign list. Once a campaign is setup and initiated in the Virtual Contact Center, agents sequentially receive screen pops showing contact information in Agent Console. After previewing the contact information, the agent clicks a button to dial an outbound call to reach a contact. As with an ordinary call, the agent is always on the line before the called party answers. When the call connects, the agent uses the respective CRM to manually update the contact record.

After completing an outbound dial, the agent enters the call disposition, such as the call reached, the targeted individual, an answering machine, a third party, a ring no answer situation, a busy number, an invalid, or disconnected number. This information allows a systematic determination of how the campaign list will be re-processed over time.


Dialer provides capabilities to generate a campaign call list, create, run, and recycle campaigns. The Dialer allows you, as an administrator, to:


The limitations of Dialer are that it is:

Dialer Campaigns Work in Cycles

A key characteristic of nearly all dialer campaigns is that it is rare to reach the desired number of contacts after a single pass through a list. Therefore, campaign lists are recycled again and again using disposition codes from earlier cycles to alter selection and sort strategies to create new campaigns.

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