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Get Remote Customer Assistance

8x8 Co-browsing allows customer support agents to assist customers remotely via a shared browser. With Co-browsing, you can empower a website or any browser-based application, and offer live, hands-on assistance to customers. A customer in need of assistance must initiate the remote session, generate a unique session code, communicate it to an agent via phone or chat. The agent then uses the code to establish a remote session. Co-browsing session co-exists with a call or a chat for communicating the session code.



Supported Browsers

Co-browsing is supported on the following browsers:

Co-browsing Modes

By setting up a Co-browsing mode, administrators can control the extent to which agents can assist customers remotely. Co-browsing can be enabled in one of the following modes via code snippet. If you do not provide a mode in the code snippet, full-control is the default mode:

-The highlighter works in all modes.
-In the full-control and partial-control modes, we cannot prevent agents from controlling form elements that are not native to the browser, such HTML drop-down.


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