Plan 8x8 Contact Center entities

8x8 Contact Center consists of a series of configuration entities.

To use 8x8 Configuration Manager most efficiently, and to create and configure your contact center's entities, follow a top-down hierarchy. The following image illustrates the contact center planning and configuration hierarchy, and lists the contact center planning considerations you use when creating and configuring those entities.

Because the Groups, Agents, Queues, and Channels entities are interrelated, you can save time if you create and configure the entities in the following order:

  1. Create Groups for the categories that use 8x8 Contact Center.
    Groups may be functional (Support or Sales), or organizational (by team or management entity).
    Creating Groups first enables you to completely create new Agent profiles.
  2. Create Agent accounts for all of your contact center agents.
  3. Define your contact center's Phone, Email, Chat, and Voicemail Queues.
    To enable you to assign voice mail rollover to your Phone queues, create your Voicemail queues first.
    When you create Queues, you can assign one or more previously defined Agents to the Queue.
  4. Configure your Phone Channels, then create Email, or Chat Channels.
    To create a Phone Channel, contact 8x8, Inc.'s provisioning department.
  5. Configure your Local CRM.
    Add customized customer, case, and follow-up fields to your CRM.

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